John Field

Managing Director and founder of Field Public Relations.

John Field is well known and respected by many of Australia's most notable business people and journalists and his intimate knowledge of the country's business and financial community, the resources industry and the general media make him one of the best qualified public relations consultants in Australia.

John’s client responsibilities and journalistic background see him in daily contact with senior media people at all levels on a wide range of matters.

With a background of 15 years in business journalism and 29 years in public relations, his knowledge of issues management and strategic planning is excellent.

Former Business Editor of Adelaide’s daily newspaper, The Advertiser.

On a personal client basis, John acts as media advisor to former Coles Myer and ASX Asia Pacific Chairman, Rick Allert.

John also led the media communications team involved in the formation early in 2003 of the world’s largest wine business, Constellation Wines, through the merger of the operations of Australia’s biggest wine producer, BRL Hardy, and US-based Constellation Brands, Inc.

Media Skills   

Field Public Relations is an independent Australian-owned company widely experienced in all areas of the media.

The Media   

Field Public Relations adopts various strategies to boost client relations with the media.


Field Public Relations is a leader in the management of the communications and media components of major conferences and seminars.

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