Our Services

Field Public Relations adopts a team approach, maximising the varied expertise of its staff who are widely experienced in television, radio, newspaper, agency, corporate and government activities, and public and media relations programs associated with:

• Corporate positioning and communications

• Media relations and Media management

• Mergers and Acquisitions

• Takeovers

• Public floats

• Issues/Crisis management

• Events management/Product launches

• Marketing strategy planning

• Conferences and seminars

• Capital raisings

• Publications - Annual reports, newsletters, staff communications, etc.

• Promotions

• Inter-business programs

• Employee communications

• Advertising campaigns

• Media training.

• Confidentiality

Media Skills   

Field Public Relations is an independent Australian-owned company widely experienced in all areas of the media.

The Media   

Field Public Relations adopts various strategies to boost client relations with the media.


Field Public Relations is a leader in the management of the communications and media components of major conferences and seminars.

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